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{when your order meets the conditions of purchase these gift(s) can be added to your cart for FREE - 100% discount on gift(s) will be applied/made visible at checkout}

Buy 1 Box (25+ Pouches) of Flora Passion to be eligible to receive your choice of a special event edition apparel item (T-Shirt, Tank Top, Sports Bra, Yoga Pants, Bike Shorts, Tote Bag). Get more than 1 apparel item when you purchase more than 1 box!

Buy 1 Pouch, 5 Pouches, or 10 Pouches (less than 25 Pouches) of Flora Passion to be eligible to receive a randomly selected special event edition misc. item (Patch, Lanyard, Mask, Incense Holder)

{You may receive a different free gift than selected if options are out of stock when the order is fulfilled - these free gift items are limited edition, supplies are limited, and eligibility is only while supplies last.}