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  • Engage and Build Connection
    Start by building a rapport with the store owner or manager, and follow their business account from the @highhempwholesale Instagram account. If possible, snap a few photos or a short video of the smoke shop for later use on High Hemp's social media channels. This not only establishes a connection but also provides promotional value to the smoke shop.
  • Inventory Assessment and Promotion
    Ask the owner or manager if they already carry High Hemp products. If they do, identify which products they carry, and make note of it. This is also an opportunity to educate them about the full range of High Hemp products that they might not carry yet. If they don't carry High Hemp products, inquire about their reasons and address any concerns they might have.
  • Positioning High Hemp
    Locate where High Hemp products are positioned in the shop if they already carry them. If the location isn't prominent, suggest a more visible location that could potentially increase the product sales. Discuss the benefits of a prime location, including increased customer exposure and potential sales boost.
  • Inclusion in Store Locator
    If a sale is made or if they already carry High Hemp products, ensure to include them in the High Hemp store locator. This will help increase their visibility to customers searching for High Hemp products, thus driving more traffic to their store.

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