High Hemp Herbal Wraps

High Hemp Expel Tranquil Herbal Blend

$ 7.50
$ 7.50

Drift into a soothing escape with our Expel Tranquil Blend. This calming concoction of Mullein, Peppermint, Coltsfoot, Lobelia, Lemongrass, Marshmallow Root, and Patchouli is a gentle invitation to let go and unwind. Each herb is a whisper of relaxation, coming together to create a serene sanctuary within your rolling ritual.

The cool embrace of peppermint and the earthy charm of patchouli lay down a tranquil foundation. The gentle brush of lemongrass brings a light, citrusy caress, harmonizing gracefully with the sweet, comforting touch of marshmallow root. The grounding notes of mullein, lobelia, and coltsfoot join the chorus, adding a layer of herbal warmth and solace.

The Expel Tranquil Blend is a soft-spoken companion to your relaxed moments, especially when seeking a quiet retreat from the bustling world. This blend unfolds beautifully with each gentle puff, its soothing essence further enriched when paired with our array of hemp wraps.

Ease into the calm embrace of the Expel Tranquil Blend, and let the tender blend of herbs guide you towards a peaceful release, making each roll a step into a more relaxed and comforting realm.