High Hemp Herbal Wraps

High Hemp Create Artisan Herbal Blend

$ 7.50
$ 7.50

Dive into a gentle sea of creativity with our Create Artisan Blend. This laid-back ensemble of Mullein, Passion Flower, Rose Petals, Raspberry Leaf, and Ginger Root Powder is your go-to companion for a chilled-out herbal rolling session. The blend is a smooth ride into a realm of imagination, offering a subtle touch of inspiration with each puff.

The floral notes of rose petals and the soft, embracing essence of passion flower create a peaceful ambiance, while the slight spiciness of ginger root powder adds a whisper of warmth. The grounding presence of mullein and the mild touch of raspberry leaf come together to create a soothing, balanced experience.

The Create Artisan Blend is your easygoing friend, especially when paired with our fruity hemp wrap flavors like passion fruit, sour apple, mango, and grape. The harmonious interaction between the mellow herbal notes and the vibrant fruit flavors opens up a canvas of delightful experiences, adding a splash of joy to your creative journey.

Unwind, roll, and let the serene whispers of the Create Artisan Blend guide you to a relaxed state of creativity, making every session a gentle voyage into the art of relaxation and enjoyment.