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Pineapple Paradise Delta 8 Gummies

$ 24.99
$ 24.99
Indulge in a tropical expedition with High Hemp Delta 8 Gummies in a lush Tropical flavor. Crafted from hemp-derived Delta-8-THC, these gummies promise a potent yet enjoyable experience. Relish the power of Delta 8 harmoniously blended with all-natural, vegan, and gluten-free ingredients, devoid of any high fructose corn syrup. Each gummy delivers 25mg of Delta-8-THC, with 10 delightful gummies housed in each pouch. The gummies offer a discreet and incredibly palatable method to enjoy the unique benefits of Delta-8-THC. With every bite, let the tropical essence whisk you away, while the Delta 8 gently elevates your senses. Discover a tasteful journey to relaxation and subtle exhilaration with High Hemp Delta 8 Gummies.