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SXSW 2019 - High Hemp Herbal Wraps

SXSW 2019

South By South West is coming up in Austin, TX! What are you most looking forward to? We’re personally excited for the Cannabis Now event where our creator Paola Fernandez will be speaking and answering questions in a panel with other industry professionals. Cannabis Now is always sharing the future of cannabis and the cannabis industry so we are honored to be apart of their Hemp Today CBD Activation at SXSW. The activation is open to the 21+ public at The Venue from 1pm - 12am on March 12th and 12pm to 12am on March 13th. Attendees can enjoy giveaways, musical performances, panel...

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Best Place to Shop - High Hemp Herbal Wraps

Best Place to Shop

We all love finding a good deal, but at what price? Here at High Hemp Wraps, we value our customers and their hard earned money and wanted to share the best ways to shop our products. We are currently working on a global takeover but for now we have a large number of local smoke shops and stores all over the world that exclusively carry our products. You can find out where we are sold HERE. If you're a store that needs to be added to our Store Locator page, please send us an email! We want as many stores...

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High Hemp Goes West - High Hemp Herbal Wraps

High Hemp Goes West

Over the 420 Holiday, we at High Hemp Company teamed up with the great people at Florin Wellness Center in Sacramento, California.  The objective of this trip was to promote customer health and appreciation, but what we received was beyond that.   The Creator of High Hemps, Paola Fernandez, surprised the locals by bringing out our new organically flavored wrap, MauiMango.  Alongside Paola and our newest addition to the organic wrap family was Rich the Kid to make a special pop-up appearance!  Altogether, we felt the day was a great success and wanted to thank everyone who came out and...

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Flavor Wave - High Hemp Herbal Wraps

Flavor Wave

Following the trend of cleanliness, we can’t seem to get enough of, comes the first ever naturally flavored wrap.  We determined that the entirety of the paper doesn’t need to be coated with flavors, but rather just the tip.  The levels of toxicity when inhaling the flavor coated paper has had little research conducted, swerving our attention away from tainting the paper.  We know the consumer loves a good aroma to accompany their herb, but at what cost?   MauiMango tips are lightly layered in an all organic essential oil flavoring blend and then sealed with two original High Hemp...

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High Hemp......Rolling Papers?

Have you ever heard conserving chlorophyll through the process of dehydration?  Well, that’s because it’s only been done to create High Hemp Rolling Papers.  Our experts developed a process of chlorophyll conservation to naturally produce green rolling papers, eliminating the need for any dyes, bleaches, or additives.  As always, our mission is to provide you with the most natural ways to roll your herbs. We’re adding High Hemp Rolling Papers to our revolutionary organic family this summer!  The High Hemp Company stays consistently in the works of expanding the market for organic products.  We feel the process of rolling has...

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Is Your Wrap Thirsty?

We at High Hemp Wraps have noticed our wraps in dryer states have the tendency to become slightly brittle. This occurrence is due to our formulas lack of additives and the natural consistency from the hemp glucose. Your wrap is not damaged, but rather thirsty.Throughout blunt history, many of us have seen the occasional tongue rub down most blunts receive before packing and rolling. That is a reasonable course of action to take when adding moisture to your High Hemp Wrap. However, we have a couple of other options;   Dampen two paper towels to place your wrap between, giving...

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