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Following the trend of cleanliness, we can’t seem to get enough of, comes the first ever naturally flavored wrap.  We determined that the entirety of the paper doesn’t need to be coated with flavors, but rather just the tip.  The levels of toxicity when inhaling the flavor coated paper has had little research conducted, swerving our attention away from tainting the paper.  We know the consumer loves a good aroma to accompany their herb, but at what cost?  

MauiMango tips are lightly layered in an all organic essential oil flavoring blend and then sealed with two original High Hemp Organic Wraps, injecting the wrap with a perfect trace of flavor, but never penetrating the wrap itself.  

We're changing the rules of the wrap game little by little & can't wait to show you guys what's next!



A major shout out to one of our dearest friends, Alexandra PrettyHouse, for her incredible images featuring our wraps!  

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